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Another additions to our list of delicacies for you, Chef Harry prepares two types of Thalis. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.
Each choice carefully selected so as to balance your meal, and everyday the choices for the Thalis change.
And of course, no one in Ghana prepares Thalis, except The Tandoor.
Created by Chef Harry.. the Thalis consists of all the spices that go into a curry, to make it ohhh so delicious.
Each Thali consists of Pilaf Rice, Samosas or Onion Bhajis, Naans or Rotis, popaddums, Cucumber Raita, Chutneys, and of course a daily rotation of different veggies and meats. Come experience the wonderful variety of Indian delicacies, prepared only the way it should be prepared, never losing sight of the ethnicity of the Indian touch and flavor.
Remember, Chef Harry creates... others imitate his creations.
"The Thali" literally means a steel plate on which many different varieties of Indian Food is served.
Mouth watering Onion Bhajis, Khumb do Piazza, Daals, Potatoes, Chicken, Lamb, Pilaf Rice, Pickles, Cucumber Raita, the list is endless, and each time you get to try something different.