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At Tandoor, we give you lots of choices. Be it a la carte or Lunch Specials or Corporate Lunches or Thali delicacies, the choices are all there for you.
Chef Harry creates delicacies to center around your taste and comfort.
In 2002, Chef Harry, while working during the Indian Week at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra, created the Tandoori Turkey, a delicacy which was an instant success. This delicacy has never been prepared anywhere in the world.
Seven years of experience in creating delicacies for Hotels such as Golden Tulip, various Embassies and also various Banks, Chef Harry put together in the MEAL DEAL four special Menus, each one uniquely chosen to include a variety of delicacies, each a specialty by itself.
Chef Harry, a virgo and a perfectionist, dares to create, knowing very well that others will imitate his creations. We hope you enjoy his creations, as others have; and if you do have any suggestions, Chef Harry is always available to listen to you and help you enjoy your meal with us....