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NLADY43: when your done having yout tude, let me know
harryinu: im not havin no tude kk none...
harryinu: you are doing what you wanna do kkkkkkk
NLADY43: your having something
NLADY43: all of a sudden u stopped talking to me
NLADY43: why is that harry?
harryinu: why should you care what im having ????? you dont !!!!!!!! it dont bother you what i go through......
NLADY43: thats a bunch of bullshit, and u know it
harryinu: tis not
NLADY43: it is
NLADY43: how dare u tell me what I care about and dont care about
harryinu: i just did
NLADY43: fine
harryinu: if you did care nothinggggggg in this fuckinggggggg world would stop you from coming to me nothingggggg kkkkkk
NLADY43: that must mean u don't really give a shit about me then
harryinu: i could say that tooooo but i dont
harryinu: you just donno right now what is happenin to me you dontttttttttt
NLADY43: so I'd be arriving on the same day as u,, whats the problem with that?
NLADY43: mother fuck,, its all about u ,, it always is
harryinu: you did not say you would be arriving on the same day kkkk you did notttttt kkkkkkkkk
harryinu: you said "if" the fucking flight is available
harryinu: what the fuckkkkk is if huh what ???????????????

NLADY43: and you read wayyyyyy to much into lil words
harryinu: does if mean would to you ?????
NLADY43: it would mean if u couldn't u would try another time
harryinu: when the fuck did if mean a definate in any language ????????
harryinu: what does anothertime mean ????? after im dead is another time ?????
NLADY43: get off your high horse
harryinu: i am not on any high house angel kkkk im not
harryinu: horse
harryinu: fuckkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: I saod horse
NLADY43: yeah fuck harry
harryinu: you fuckin said you would be there at the airport no matter what kkkkkk
harryinu: and i said fuckkkkkkk cause of the fuckinnnnnn mistake tween the house and horse
NLADY43: she has to have a place to stay harry
NLADY43: ok, forget all about me
harryinu: so let her stay dammitttttttt what has that got to do with you ??????????//
NLADY43: I won't be disappoiting u any more
NLADY43: I have to let her in dam it
harryinu: so let her in dammittttttttttttt
harryinu: but what the fuckkkkkkk is the fuckin IF about the 14th ???????????????
harryinu: godddddddddddddddddddddd
harryinu: dayummmmm dayummmmm dayummmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: take that IF and shove it some where kkkkkkkkk
harryinu: kkkkkk i will do that kkkkk thanks
NLADY43: it was only a word,, but u make it a big issue ok?
harryinu: to me it was a big fuckin word kkkk cause that fuckiinggggg if meant that there was or wasnt a possibility kkkkkkkk
NLADY43: of course it would be to u
NLADY43: everything is
harryinu: naturally it would to anyone kkkkkkk
harryinu: that is the fuckin meanin of IF kkkkkk
NLADY43: and again I'm the one left to the shit
harryinu: go look it up in the dictionarhy kkkkkkkkk
harryinu: what shit ????????
NLADY43: well, don't worry about it at all kkkkkkkk
harryinu: fuckkkkkkkk if i wasnt worried would i be fuckinnggggggggg crying here dammit ???????????

harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddddd
NLADY43: well don't
NLADY43: I am nothing but a big dissappointment to u
NLADY43: so leave me
harryinu: is that what you want ????????
NLADY43: its what you want
harryinu: you fuckin donno upto now what i want ???????????????????????????

harryinu: ARE YOU THAT DAFT THAT UPTO NOW YUO DONNO WHAT I WANT ?????????????????????
harryinu: what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk am i huh
harryinu: fuckkkkkkkkkkk dammit
NLADY43: ahhhhhh seeeeeeee
NLADY43: now I am daft
harryinu: what the fuckkkkkkk am i dissapointed for if you dont come to meet me huh ?????????

harryinu: dayummmmmmm
harryinu: and fuckkkkkk you say that i dont want you ?????????????????

harryinu: shitttttt
harryinu: i am the one leaving my whole life behind tobe with you and you say i dont want you ????????????????????
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddd
harryinu: get your fuckin facts straight kkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: if you know i am worth your love you will be there come what may
harryinu: if you feel i am not you wont
NLADY43: so your saying ,, if I'm not there, it must mean, I don't love u?
harryinu: all this fuckin confusion you create just cause you think i dont understand the meaning of a fuckin IF ???????/
NLADY43: ok harry
NLADY43: what I meant by IF was , if I could exchange the ticket dates,, but u say you know the meaning,, so be it
NLADY43: so I am daft after all
NLADY43: stupid, a shit head, etc
harryinu: hmmmm..
harryinu: what is the fuckin big deal in exchanging the ticket dates huh ??????????
NLADY43: oh real good come back harry
harryinu: fuckkkkkkk there are so manu fucking flightsssssssssssss kkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: not ones I can afford
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: I don't have money like u do,, will u get that into your head
harryinu: i told you i would arrange it but ohhhh noooooooooooooooooo
harryinu: you had to have it your way or no way
harryinu: dammitttttttt
NLADY43: u said by friday
NLADY43: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
harryinu: why the fuckkkkkk do you do this whyyyyyy angel whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the fuckkkkkkk do you do this
harryinu: so;if i said by fuckin friday didnt you also do it today ????????????????
NLADY43: yes I di dharry
harryinu: so then why the fuckkkkkkkkkkk couldnt i do it yesterday why ???????????
harryinu: dayummmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: is that really important?
NLADY43: who does it?
harryinu: right nowwww on the fuckin internet i can get you a seat
harryinu: right nowwwwwwwwwwww
harryinu: who ever the fuck does it i can do it
harryinu: but nope
harryinu: you would rather fuckin come up with your stupid IF and TRY shitttttttttttt
NLADY43: I can't do it for the 13th
harryinu: and fuckin make me saddddd soooooooo fuckin muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
NLADY43: I'm sorry
harryinu: so then fuckin do it for the 14th dammitttttttttttttt
harryinu: fuckkkkkkk
harryinu: how difficult is it to do it for the 14th ?????????????????????????
harryinu: you are not sorry .... if you were sorry you would have raised heaven and hell to make sure you do it
NLADY43: they may not have a seat, I have to call and find out
NLADY43: ohhh,, so now I'm not sorry?
NLADY43: ok,, u want to be that way,, fine
harryinu: they have a fuckinggggggggggg 24 HOURSSSSSS RESERVATION..... or dont you know that ???????????
harryinu: i want it to be that way ????????? I ?????????????
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: I'm not going to listen to anymore name calling
harryinu: im not callin any names kkkkkk im not
harryinu: the only name im callin you is angel....
harryinu: but you dont wanna listen to that too huh
NLADY43: right
NLADY43: what do u care what I want to listen to?
harryinu: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: there you go again bout me not caring ??????
NLADY43: your doing the same god dam thing
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddd dont you fuckin upto now know how much i care what you say ???????????
NLADY43: no u don't
harryinu: that is what you think
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: whatever I say, goes in one ear and out the other
NLADY43: only thing important is what u have to say
harryinu: what did you say that goes in through one ear and out the next what ????????????/
NLADY43: because after all, according to u I don't have a heart
harryinu: the fuckin IF and TRY ??????
NLADY43: I dont care,, isn't that what u said?
harryinu: according to me ?????? when the fuckkkkkkk did i say that ????????????
harryinu: yes i said that i did ... and you know why i said it kkkkkk you do
NLADY43: scroll back, u will see
NLADY43: harryinu: if you know i am worth your love you will be there come what may
harryinu: if you feel i am not you wont
NLADY43: your words not mine
harryinu: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: where the fuckkkk did i say that i dont care ????? where ??????
NLADY43: I said, u said that I ME didn't care
harryinu: and where did i say that YOU didnt care ????? show me ????????
NLADY43: ok I will
harryinu: dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
harryinu: you dont even fuckin know that they have a fuckin 24 hour reservation line
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: u want me to show u where u said, u didnt care or not?
harryinu: yes
NLADY43: or I didn't care I mean
harryinu: yes
NLADY43: then stop typing
harryinu: when i do what do you say ????????
harryinu: oh now you are giving me the silent treatment
harryinu: or then you say .......
harryinu: now you come out with this
harryinu: hmmmmmm
NLADY43: I can't paste it if u keep typing
NLADY43: so wait dam it
NLADY43: harryinu: why should you care what im having ????? you dont !!!!!!!! it dont bother you what i go through
harryinu: i asked you .... i didnt say you didnt kkkkkk
harryinu: read it
NLADY43: do u see it?
: after u asked,, u said YOU DON'T
: NLADY43: harryinu: why should you care
harryinu: read it
NLADY43: you dont !!!!!!!!
: there it is
: you said it
: do you understand the meanin of WHY ?????
harryinu: or then you want to add it to your list of words that mean something different like IF and TRY ???????/
NLADY43: did u not say it?
harryinu: i did not say YOU DONT CARE.....
NLADY43: you said I don't care
: see the difference kkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: you fucking did
: show me where the fuckkkkk i said you dont care.... show me
harryinu: i only say WHY SHOULD YOU CARE... kkkkk
NLADY43: right after u asked me
: why should you care what im having ????? you dont !!!!!!!! it dont bother you what i go through
harryinu: read it and show me the words YOU DONT CARE...... kkkk
NLADY43: do u see where u said, u dont!!!!!!!
: i see i dont i dont see you dont care
NLADY43: bullshit
: its right in front of your face, but you being the stubborn man u are, won't admit it
: hmmmmmmmm..
harryinu: you fuckin love this stubborn man and yet and fuckin yetttttttttttttttttt godddddddddddddddddddddd
NLADY43: and yet I what?
: and yet you bring in the fuckingggggggg if;s and try's shittttttttttt
harryinu: seeeeeeee
harryinu: you go and fuckin assume things again
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddddd
NLADY43: yup, I assume
: thats what you did right nowwwwwww
harryinu: and you will prolly even say that i thought it right ??????????????
harryinu: dayummmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: fuckkkkkkkkkkk
: awwww, stillon paltalk,, hope your having a good time
: what the fuck is that now ?????
NLADY43: its nothing, jsut like me
harryinu: i didnt even fuckinggggggg realize i was on paltalk kkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: well,, have fun
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddd
harryinu: you can stay there and have fun kkkkkk
harryinu: not me
harryinu: i dont have fun there
NLADY43: sure u do harry
harryinu: i am not the one that when asked how come you didnt go on paltalk i say ... ohhhh darlin.... cause i knew you would not be there kkkk
harryinu: and the next day even though im not there back to paltalk tisssss kkkkkk
NLADY43: and u know why I did
NLADY43: but most likely u didn't listen
harryinu: uh huh i know why you did
NLADY43: and why is that harry?
harryinu: tis ok
harryinu: you stay on paltalk and have a good time kkk
NLADY43: sure, just like u
harryinu: pity that you still think that i have a good time on paltalk
harryinu: anyways enjoy yourself on there
NLADY43: pity for u too,, for u don't really know me at all
harryinu: k
NLADY43: k
harryinu: and dont fuckin ever say i donno you kkk dontttttttttttttttttt cause i have given to you each and every part of me totally kkkkkk dayummmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: right
NLADY43: and you think I've giving u nothing
harryinu: what did you tell me yesterday ??????
harryinu: I WILL BE THERE......
harryinu: and now....... IF and TRY
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: anywayssss sorry to disturb you .. go back to your paltalk thingy kkkkkk
NLADY43: I'm not on paltalk,, so get off it harry
harryinu: k
harryinu: from darlin from my husband from my heart from my soul it is not harry
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: not = now
harryinu: but then tis always what one feels that they say
NLADY43: what the heck are u talking about?
harryinu: nothing
harryinu: i just know one thing kkkkk
NLADY43: it meant something
harryinu: that if you want to be there for me when i arrive you will be there come what may......
harryinu: if you dont then you wont
harryinu: i dont care bout no ifs and try no more...
harryinu: if my wife wants to be there for me she will.... come what may
harryinu: guess im talkin to an empty screen again..
NLADY43: Ihold on
NLADY43: back
harryinu: hmmmm
NLADY43: Boston is on high alert,, lots of terrorist threats
harryinu: k
NLADY43: oh forget it harry
NLADY43: I give up
harryinu: k
NLADY43: this is so riduculous
harryinu: k
NLADY43: k this
harryinu: k
NLADY43: if thats all your going to say,, then don't bother
harryinu: nice way of avoiding what i said up there
NLADY43: I already told u,, but like always,, you dont listen
NLADY43: why should I keep repeating myself,, you aren't going to listen, or care
harryinu: you told me your if's and try's
NLADY43: yes and u know harry, u told me yours,, so I guess theres nothing more to say, is there?
harryinu: k
NLADY43: stuff your k's
NLADY43 signed off at 9:56:12 AM.
NLADY43 signed on at 9:57:10 AM.
NLADY43: good night harry, have a good day
harryinu: k
NLADY43: I love u
harryinu: k
NLADY43: ciao
harryinu: k
NLADY43: ok,, be that way
harryinu: k
NLADY43: thanks
harryinu: k
NLADY43: just to let u know,, if you don't want to work this out,, then I won't expect any messeges from u, but if u do,,u will send me a messege, casue I am tired of doing it first,,, and don't fucking K me
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: what is this bout now
NLADY43: its what it says
NLADY43: its obvious u don't want me
harryinu: am i the one with the if's and try's ????????
NLADY43: you so proved it tonight
harryinu: i proved it ??????????????
NLADY43: if u harbor those words,, then its you who has let you down
harryinu: fuckkkkkk come and see how im goin stupid and depressed here kkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: you said those words not me
NLADY43: its a fucking word
harryinu: you said them kkkkkk
NLADY43: you put wayyyyy too much meaning in it
NLADY43: and u hold onto them like a grudge
harryinu: what grudge ?????????
NLADY43: its okk come andhurt me
harryinu: what the fuckkkkkkkkkk does if and try mean ??????????
NLADY43: you;ve done it before,,
harryinu: tell me what do they mean
NLADY43: I'm getting used to it now
harryinu: what does if mean
harryinu: what does try mean ?????
NLADY43: it meant one fucking days difference
NLADY43: thats all
harryinu: no angel noooooo
NLADY43: yes it did
harryinu: for friday you said IF
NLADY43: and don't call me angel,, because u don't mean it
harryinu: you didnt say will you said if
harryinu: what do you know what i mean
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: i will call you angel dammit
NLADY43: you proved it to me
harryinu: i didnt prove nothing kkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: hmmmmm
NLADY43: yes u did
harryinu: tell me what the fuck IF means tell me and dont avoid it
harryinu: one day you say you feel i love you so much... the next day you say that i dont love you
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: get off the IF kick
harryinu: tell me the meaning
NLADY43: it has none
harryinu: you said it not me
NLADY43: not to me anyway,, but to u it means everything
harryinu: if it has none then why did you say it ?????
harryinu: you said it so it surely must have meant something to you
NLADY43: it was a poor choice of words, kkkkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: so what should you have rather said ??????????
NLADY43: whatever,, it was a poor choice
harryinu: harryinu: so what should you have rather said ??????????
NLADY43: NLADY43: just to let u know,, if you don't want to work this out,, then I won't expect any messeges from u, but if u do,,u will send me a messege, casue I am tired of doing it first,,
NLADY43: thats all I'm saying now
harryinu: lorddddddddd what is that bout now
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
NLADY43: I'm done talking about the IF word
NLADY43: u define it anyway u want
harryinu: what should you have said then i want to knowwwwwwww angel tell meeeeeeeeeeeee
NLADY43: I'm done with it
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddd
NLADY43: I'm shutting off the computer now, and perhaps try to sleep
NLADY43: u think about what i said
harryinu: goddddddd dammit
harryinu: fine
harryinu: go to sleep
harryinu: kkkkkkk go to sleep kkkkkkk
NLADY43: I am, cause u don't want to talk to me
harryinu: so that for the rest of my fuckinggggggggg stupid life i will think what the fuckkkkkkkk if is kkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: so theres no point in staying
harryinu: seeeeee
harryinu: fine
harryinu: go angel kkkkk fine......
harryinu: tis me kkkkkkkkk
harryinu: you are right
harryinu: im a rotten bastard
harryinu: go kkkkkkkk
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: say what u want harry, but remember those are NOT my words
harryinu: im fuckin talkin here and yuo say im not talking
harryinu: you were the one that said you are going..... was it not ?????????
NLADY43: harry, if I didnt pm u,, u would have gone on saying NOTHING
harryinu: and now you say im not talking
harryinu: when i just plainly ask you something...... you want to avoid it
harryinu: why i donno
NLADY43: who started this conversation?
harryinu: you did
harryinu: after you got done with your paltalk naturally
harryinu: you didnt answer me when i asked you what should you have rather said
harryinu: did you ???????
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm..
harryinu: yell more kkk
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: good night harry
harryinu: see you still avoid what i asked
harryinu: k
NLADY43: have a wonderful day
harryinu: dont answer it fineeeeeeeeeeeeee fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
NLADY43: good night
NLADY43: love always, ciao
harryinu: if you did
harryinu: you would answer what i asked
harryinu: but you rather choose to avoid it
NLADY43: get off it harry
NLADY43: well, anyway, i do love u, always will,, no matter what
harryinu: then answer my question
harryinu: but you wont
NLADY43: what mother fucking question?
NLADY43: ask me again so I can answer it and u can get over it
NLADY43: well?
harryinu: harryinu: what should you have said then i want to knowwwwwwww angel
NLADY43: I should have said, one days delay,, instead of that fucking IF
NLADY43: ok? happy now?
harryinu: yes
NLADY43: fine
harryinu: k
NLADY43: be happy
harryinu: no
harryinu: you be happy kkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: no you be happy kkkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: you could have avoided all this if you had just said this in the beginnin kkkkkk
NLADY43: right
harryinu: how can i be happy when my angel dont fuckin talk to me the whole nite huh
harryinu: would you be happy ???????????
harryinu: no right ???????
NLADY43: u didn't
harryinu: then how can i be happy tell me
harryinu: am i god ?????
harryinu: fuckkkkkk
NLADY43: your the one who just Ked everything
harryinu: even god wouldnt be happy kkkkkkkk
harryinu: i k'd everything cause you just wouldnt answer what i asked
NLADY43: your the one who sat and said NOTHING to me
harryinu: i have been seeking a clarification ever since you put in that fuckin IF word kkkkkk
harryinu: but nope
NLADY43: fine, u got one now,,
NLADY43: get over it
harryinu: yes i got one after 5 hours
harryinu: when it would have taken just one sentence from you
NLADY43: ahhhh ok
harryinu: but you waited 5 hourssssssssssss
NLADY43: my stupid self
NLADY43: what a ass I am
harryinu: and here i was sadddddddd
harryinu: just cause you didnt want to tellme...
NLADY43: should have just said that, and alllllllll this wouldn't have happened
harryinu: zactlyyyyyyyy
harryinu: but then
NLADY43: alllllllll my fault,,,, again
harryinu: you didnt
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm.
NLADY43: okkkkkkkkk
harryinu: think bout it kkkkkkkk
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm
harryinu: why did you do it then
NLADY43: done thinking, I'm going
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
harryinu: k
harryinu: fineeeeeee
harryinu: go
NLADY43: just to piss u off,,,,,,,,llllllll
harryinu: sleep well kkkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: fineeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: do it
harryinu: fine
NLADY43: I did it cause I am one stupid fucking bitch
harryinu: god bless you my darlin wife .... god bless you sleep wellkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: ok? happy now?
NLADY43: no
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: god bless u harry,, now u can find peace
harryinu: nope
harryinu: you are my peace and you are leaving me
NLADY43: then don't,, your choice
harryinu: k
NLADY43: what the fuck do u mean leaving u?
NLADY43: when did I ever give u peace?
harryinu: you said you are goin right ???????
harryinu: isnt that leaving me ????????
NLADY43: no, its going to bed
harryinu: you still ask when did you ever give me peace ?????
harryinu: think bout it angel......
NLADY43: u didn't want me before
NLADY43: why do u want me now?
harryinu: whenever you are with me i am in peace
harryinu: i didnt want you ?????
harryinu: where did you get that idea from ???????
NLADY43: really harry? was that peace u got tonight?
harryinu: why are you just assuming things
NLADY43: u showed me harry
harryinu: what did i show you ???????
harryinu: godddddddd angelllllllllll godddddddddd
NLADY43: you showed me how much u wanted me tonight harry
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: buy totally ignorning me
harryinu: now tis back to me as to how much i showed you
harryinu: i ignored you ??????????
NLADY43: by makine me do the crawling
harryinu: who was the one ignoring my question tell me
NLADY43: you ignored me and u know u did
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: the whole night, all u did was push me aside till I answered that one question
harryinu: i just wish just wish angel..... that you by goddddddd seen me today angel kkkkkkkk
NLADY43: u harbored that one question
harryinu: that one question ??????
harryinu: that one fuckin question angel was this kkkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: do u see what u do harry?
NLADY43: do u see anything?
harryinu: IS MY WIFE COMING TO MEET ME OR NOT ??????????/
harryinu: isnt that a very relevant question
NLADY43: after all i said to u,,you pick one thing
harryinu: and what i got in return was an if
harryinu: and you say it was just a question
harryinu: that question meant the worldddddd to me angel kkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: dont you know that ??????
NLADY43: don't angel me
harryinu: you still dont think that you are my world and i want you to be there
harryinu: i will angel you i will
harryinu: how would you like it if i told you dont husband me ????????
NLADY43: I am so freakin pissed off, don't angel me
harryinu: how would you like it if i told you dont darling me ?????????
NLADY43: not after the way u treated me tonight
harryinu: good lord
harryinu: so i had no right to know if my wife my angel my soul was gonna be there for me right ???
harryinu: i just had to wait and see right ????
NLADY43: you had no right to treat me the way u did
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: I fucking fought for u,, and this is what I got
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmm..
harryinu: you know why you fought for me ??????????
harryinu: do you know why ?????????
NLADY43: I fucking stood by u
harryinu: well ill tell you dammit i will kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: supported u
harryinu: cause i am yourssssssssssss
harryinu: cause i fuckin belong to you
NLADY43: and I got this treatment
harryinu: cause i am part of you
harryinu: cause i am your heart
harryinu: that is why you fuckin fought for me kkkkkkkk
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddddddd
harryinu: just donno why the fuckkkkkkk could you not have told me that you would be there definately on friday.... i donno why......
NLADY43: well, next time u want to get upset over a poor choice of words,, u remember that
harryinu: remember what now ???????
harryinu: i even asked you bout it..... right ???? remember ????
NLADY43: remember how I fought for u
harryinu: how can i ever forget that
harryinu: just like i can never forget that you are my soul
NLADY43: well u did forget
harryinu: just like i can never everrrrrrr fuckin forget that you are mineeeee and im yourssss
harryinu: i never forgot it kkkkkkkkk
harryinu: neverrrrrrrrr
NLADY43: well, then u pushed it aside
harryinu: dammitttttttt fuckkkkkk you know what i went to do today before comin back to the apt ???????????????????//
harryinu: i didnt push nothing aside kkkkkk
harryinu: dayummmmmmmmm
NLADY43: the fuck u didn't
harryinu: i just kept asking you for a clarification and you just didnt feel the need to give me right ?????
harryinu: when you could have sooooooooo easily
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: you want so much detail
harryinu: you know me dont you angel ????????
NLADY43: everything has to be totally and completley defined
harryinu: or are you meetin me today for the first time.... today that you are surprised i want to know zactly what tis
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm
harryinu: now you keep quiet hmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: dont talk daft ok?
harryinu: kkkkkkk now im daft toooo
harryinu: kkkkkkk
NLADY43: see
harryinu: accepted
NLADY43: here we go again
harryinu: hmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: I'm way too tired for this
harryinu: k
NLADY43: its almost 12:30
harryinu: how come im never tired to talk to you huh
NLADY43: I am going to bed
harryinu: how come i am neverrrrrrrr tired to be with you
NLADY43: its your body chemistry
harryinu: kkkkkk go to bed angel kkkkkkkk
harryinu: sleep well kkkk my wife...
NLADY43: good night
harryinu: may the god look over you
harryinu: nite
NLADY43: have a great day
harryinu: hmmmmmm
NLADY43: don't ask god anything for me
harryinu: go on go sleep kkk go kkkkkk
harryinu: hmmmmmmm.
NLADY43: unless its death
harryinu: dont worry bout that..... that is comin to me kkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: good night
harryinu: k
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: yeah k
harryinu: seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm..
harryinu: fineeeeeeeee
NLADY43: see what?
harryinu: leave me alone kkkk fineeeeeeee
NLADY43: all i said was good night
harryinu: you wanna leave me rightttttttt
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: what is with u?
harryinu: nothin
NLADY43: why do u keep saying that?
NLADY43: explain to me how u see it as leaving u?
harryinu: first you say you dont want me to ask god blessings for you
harryinu: well......
harryinu: you said you were going right ???????

harryinu: when someone says they are going
harryinu: it means they are leaving
NLADY43: ok, fine, I won't go to bed at all
harryinu: no nothing you tell me at all kkkkk
NLADY43: i'll stay right here
harryinu: seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
harryinu: hmmmmmmm..
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: I'm here
NLADY43: talk
harryinu: now you are giving me the silent treatment
harryinu: hmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: come on
harryinu: how can i talk when you are upset and angry with me
harryinu: how can i talk when you say i shuldnt call you angel
NLADY43: not such a good feeling have the slient treatment is it?
harryinu: how can i talk when you dont even tell me you love me
NLADY43: my being upset with u didn't bother u before
harryinu: it did
harryinu: it sure bothered me kkkkk
harryinu: but then
NLADY43: I have said i loved u
harryinu: when i saw you in paltalk i thought hmmmm kkkkk shes not upset
NLADY43: your the one who said K
harryinu: that i did
harryinu: cause you didnt clarify what you said thus
NLADY43: everytime I said it,, all u said was K
harryinu: and you know that
harryinu: what did you want me to say when all that timeeeeeee all i did was thinking why you said if...... when you didnt even clarifyh it
harryinu: godddddd i was thinking so much kkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: so because I didnt clarify your question, u cant say u love me?
harryinu: didnt i say i love you ??????????
NLADY43: nope
harryinu: soooooo many times i did
NLADY43: bu tis ok
harryinu: who called you angel ??????????
harryinu: who called you my wife ?????????
NLADY43: don't even worry about it,, your K said it all for u
harryinu: who called you my soul ??????????
harryinu: who called you my heart ???????
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: yeah harry, AFTER I clarified your question
NLADY43: because u got what u wanted
harryinu: ohhhhh angel much before i was calling you angel kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: u just couldn't let it go
NLADY43: and before I told u about the delay
harryinu: how can i let something i dont understand go tell me..... would you ?????
NLADY43: after that NOTHING
harryinu: the delay didnt upset me kkkkkkk
harryinu: twas the fuckin IF I CAN GET A FLIGHT..... that did kkkkkkkk
NLADY43: I knwo what fucking upset u
harryinu: well if you know what upsetted me then why didnt you clarify it angel ?????
NLADY43: well, u remember your actions towards me tonight
harryinu: do you know throughout tonite kkkkk..
harryinu: i was fuckin pukin cause my tummy was so upset
harryinu: ask ross he will tell you
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmm..
NLADY43: you remember howu treated me tonight
harryinu: i dont want to even remember tonite cause i know i hurted you a lot tonite
NLADY43: u think about if I treated u that way harry
harryinu: and i hate myself for doing that
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
NLADY43: think about how it felt
harryinu: well you indirectly did by not clarifying angel kkkkkkkkkkkk
NLADY43: for one thing,, u punished me all evening
harryinu: i know i was sad and hurting kkkk cause i really didnt know if you were going to be there kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..
harryinu: dont use that word punish cause tis again a wrong word kkkkkkkkkkkk
harryinu: dayummmmmmmm
NLADY43: not this time is it wrong
harryinu: you think i was sittin here and fuckin smiling ??????????
NLADY43: you did punish me
harryinu: do you think all those five hours i was sitting here and having a good time angel ????????
NLADY43: you might as well as whipped me into saying it
harryinu: lordddddddddddddd
harryinu: goddddddddddddddddddddd
harryinu: where the hell do you get these wierd words from
harryinu: punish
NLADY43: now my stomach is upset
harryinu: whip
NLADY43: I have to go
harryinu: im waitin
NLADY43: I'm in pain
harryinu: go to the loo and come back im waiting
harryinu: hmmmmmmm
harryinu: kkkkkk you wanna go then go kkkk tis ok kkk
NLADY43: yes master
harryinu: now master ????????
NLADY43: brb
harryinu: k
harryinu: hmmmmmmmmm..